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Wedding Connections is the ultimate expression of being all things to all people. Based in the bustling Merry Hill Centre, showroom of the Midlands, visited by 25 million customers per year.

Here at Wedding Connections we have various advertising methods available to promote your wedding business. See below for a list of our advertising individually and prices and also as a package.

If you have any questions you can always contact us on – 01384 484 602

FREE – 3 Months Supplier Listing on site

We offer a free 3 month supplier listing on site so you can sample the quality of customers we get on our website and get your company out there. Simply register with us and set up your advert in just a few minutes. Click here to register.

Marquee Bridal Show – 2 day event

Wedding Connections host a spectacular Marquee Bridal Show on October “DATE”. This event is the best in the Midlands and is held on the main car parks outside Debenhams at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre.

  • 1 Day – £325+ VAT
  • 2 Days – £595+ VAT

Magazine Advertisement

Wedding Connections publish a high quality magazine three times a year. We print 10,000 a time so a total of 30,000 a year which is distributed from our unit within the busy Merry Hill Shopping Centre in a prime location outside Debenhams. The magazine is also distributed in prime locations within Debenhams and House of Fraser.

  • 1/4 Page – £195+ VAT
  • 1/2 Page – £295+ VAT
  • 1 Page – £495+VAT
  • 2 page – £750+ VAT

Leaflet Advertisement

Wedding Connections offer a leaflet and brochure advertising opportunity on our unit in a prime location outside Debenhams in the Merry Hill Shopping Centre showroom of the Midlands visited by over 25million people per year pass through. Leaflet and brochures are free for customers to collect and we have an on site representative who will advise and promote your company for you.

Cost per week – £35+ VAT

Glass Display Area

Wedding Connections have a large glass display area on our prime location unit to display Wedding Dresses, Suit Hire, Mother of the Bride, Settings, Lingerie and other Wedding / Prom related items.

Cost per week – £50+ VAT